Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Peri Berki - December 9, 1983

Husband in Labor Force

Now what was happening to your husband during this time?

During all this time he was in the labor force.

He, he was not deported. He was able to...

He was in this, he was in this airfield.

Because they needed him, because he was needed.

No, no, because he was forty-five, older, forty-five years, I remember. They deported older people, but this was the Hungarian from other cities. I can't even tell you. He came back, didn't I tell you?

Yes, yes. But then he had to go back again, didn't he?

To labor force, but not to concentration camp.

Okay, um...

To labor. Maybe they needed, yes, they needed to, to help out work.

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