Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Peri Berki - December 9, 1983

Renting a Bed 2

So you lived, you were telling me about this uh, bed that you rented. Um, how long were you in this situation, you and your son?

We rented that room, that bed, and we lived there for a few months. And we always, there were a lot of bombings already, the Russian and, and, and German.


Where was I?

The bunk, I mean the bed in the proletariat section.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. And it was very interesting to see, for example, we had originally, before the war, we had a five-room apartment and we were five children. But if somebody would have said, a guest would have come, could you give me one night, I don't want to stay in a hotel room, said sorry we don't have room. And here they had one room and they had four beds and then, and they slept there. Right? They rented one bed. It's a little different.

It's all relative.

And also that I remember there were too much bombing and the neighbor came in and she said she's very much afraid. And where we lived, four, four or six or eight in the apart... in the, in the apartment, the woman told the neighbor, you can come in and sleep with us. We have room. We had five rooms and we didn't have room, have room for one guest. And they had one single, no toilet, no bathroom. And no hole or anything, a kitchen and a room.

So, how did you um, there was no toilet for all those people?

No toilets, on the corridor. They had, every four apartment had one toilet on the outside, but not in the, in...

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