Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Peri Berki - December 9, 1983

Renting a Bed

Well uh, did you...


so you had both experiences.


You felt the anti-Semitism... but also very courageous, wonderful.

Yeah, yeah, very helpful people.


And we went there and we lived there. Then we rented a bed. It was a one-room apartment at the proletariat section, where we never, we never, never knew before. It was in the city but...

With your false papers you were able to do that.

yeah, but we didn't know this section of the city because, like in New York you have the good sections and bad sections. We lived...

So this was a lower...

A lower, yeah. And we lived there, we rented a, a bed, not a room, because there was only one room and we were six people living in each, but there were three beds, and every bed two, I slept with my son one bed. Very bad. In fact, we had a, we had a little suitcase and the woman complained that we taking too much room because I put the suitcase under the bed. It's not so terrible, it's not terrible, because we, I al... as I always said, and I'm telling you—I see you shaking your head—we always, always thought about that we are not in concentration camp. It could be much, much... All the time we were thinking that it could be much worse, and we considered ourselves very lucky.

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