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Ella Baker - May 11, 2011


No, no I mean your, when, your history, when you're, you're a little girl, you're, you're, you're uh, living in um, in uh, in uh, Slovakia, tell--so what happened? You're, you're living, you're having a nice childhood, so to speak now...

Yes, yes.

Yeah, and then the Germans came to Slovakia...

Oh it was Hungarians and that was I have worse memories then the Germans.


Oh this is a black, I was reading that lately that the black sheep of Europe, where anti-Semitism is considered, there are naturally Jew haters.


Naturally Jew haters, Germany right now, if I have to choose where to live...


Where to live between Hungary and Germany, I would live in Germany. The Jewish news had 2 big pages of write up. The Jewish life is thriving is a different, laws are marvelous.


And, and uh, uh, integration of the...


Assimilation, I think the Jews are a very welcome addition to them. So, at the Hungary I don't even want to talk about it because growing up...


I had that experience of Jew hating.


Oh, very bad.


So that was, that was, um ...


And then later on came the Germans sent in the Hungarians and, uh...


1, 1 person a little experience in this country already...


I befriended than a non-Jewish think they would, they were very fun people.


And 1 day they approached and we were friends he says, "we belong in ??? to a club and they found out that we have a Jewish friend. And they make us choose, the friend or the club. And we have chosen the club, so we cannot see each other anymore."

Oh my.

So what happened is we celebrated New Year's Eve together and I brought a dish whatever. I had to go and pick up the dish and they wouldn't allow me to come in to the house. We met on the corner street.


Yeah. And then there was another story then there was a nursery flowers uh, owned by, by Hungarian they ???. And he didn't know who I am and I says, "where did you come before the war, after the war has end, no during the war," and "I was there Nazi and my whole regrets are that more Jews returned than I hoped for." This are the Hungarians. And this is that already in this country way after the war.


Yes, yeah.


I, so, I, I don't even want to, want to think about it.

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