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Ella Baker - May 11, 2011

Personal History

Okay, so let me uh, go to um, we'll go to a little bit about your history, if I may?



So what, what, what is it, what is it ???.

It's uh, just a order um, okay, when you were born um, okay, your name, Ella Baker. When you were born what was your name?


Spell Brkovic please.

Oh every, every time I spell it I spell it differently, B-R-K-O-V-I-C, and sometimes they add T-S in the end, so it is hard to.

Okay, and your first name was Ella?


Okay, Ella Brkovic. Okay, and when were you born?

Uh, August 31, 1924.

August 31, 1924. Okay. And uh, where were you born?

At that time it was Czechoslovakia.

And the, the city?

Uh, it's called, it was in the Karpatan. It, it's called, it was in a Visny Apsa.


Visny is a if, if you understand some Polish you would be saying so that upper Apsa Visny is upper. Uh, V-I-S-N-Y-A-P-S uh, A-P-S-A uh, Apsa.



Czechoslovakia, which, which is the Carpathian ???.

Carpathian, right now is Ukraine. What you know how the, how the...


Borders are changing all the time.

Right. Okay. And um, and that's where you grew up also? The same area?

No, I grew up in Slovakia.

Okay, where in Slovakia?

It was on a border, it is C-O-P.


See, that is chop, that is the little things about which is... COP yeah.

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