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Ella Baker - May 11, 2011


Today is May 11, 2011; I'm at the home of Mrs. Ella Baker...


In West Bloomfield, Michigan, who is being interviewed for Portraits of Honor to be housed at the Holocaust Memorial Center in uh, West Bloomfield uh, in Farmington Hills, Michigan. Okay, Mrs. Baker?

So uh, so the way I, I don't look at so much back as to know the history, I am a history buff.


For real, but I am looking at how to make it to the ??? experience something and to know, and how to not by saying, "oh I hope not going to happen to us anymore," no see, ways how save a life, save the world, how you put it to good work...


That, that does not happen and confront every, everything what would be in a way of, of not happening.

Mm-hm, mm-hm. So it shouldn't just be for uh, history but also how we can apply it to make--for good work?

This is my most important things. Visitors are coming to the memorial center and all these kids or adults who come. I want them to make a note of it, not how many times they hit me on my head and what I have uh, losing my family, but how to recognize the danger. That this might develop into what and what, and what to do about it, at least get involved and organized.

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