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Abraham Asner - October 10, 1982

Dreams and Nightmares

When you're going through the Holidays, you know, nowadays uh, or just going through your daily life, are there times when things just flash to you from the past?

From the... To the holidays?


Like uh, on Jewish holidays?


Oh yeah. The, the most uh, time is uh, was like at my daughter's wedding. Uh, I see, I have brothers and, and a sister and nobody's at the wedding. The only thing makes me feel lots better, my cousin come from uh, from Kansas City. Took us and uh, with the families. And uh, Ed was talking maybe for two hours on the phone with, with everybody. For, with me, with my wife, with the groom, with my daughters, with everybody. And he took his time, maybe two hours on the, on the phone, he talked with everybody. He, he couldn't come on the wedding because he was too busy and, and the same thing on the other, on my other daughter's wedding. It was, uh... He called and talked to everybody.

Do you have nightmares?

I used to have nightmares. From the beginning, lots. Now it's, it happened sometime too, but not very often. From the beginning lots. There's uh, run and run and chasing me and, and killing and any kind of stuff and I'll look up, what kind of, some kind of nightmare dreams. And sometime you uh, uh, you dream, and you know in the dream it's not true. Then you wake up tired.

When did they stop?

The nightmares? Still, sometime some kind of nightmares. Still uh, not very often ??? very often.

What kind of dreams do you have about your children, your daughters' futures as Jews?

I want to, I want to uh, when they were single I want to marry them Jewish. I'm not religious. Just, I want to marry them Jewish, doesn't matter what kind of Jew. Uh, religious, not religious uh, poor, not poor, I don't care. Just I want a Jewish satisfy me and so is my wife. I remember when the younger daughter was going out with that ??? a goy and he was crazy about her. And she was, from the beginning she was, uh... Then she changed your mind, I don't know why. And he was a nice boy. And then she meet her husband, this one. Then about a few weeks when she met him, then he come, he asked me for uh, to marry her. And I said, "Why not? Get married." So, we didn't mind, okay.

He must have been a good kid, huh?

Uh, she's all right.


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