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Abraham Asner - October 10, 1982

Ed Asner 3

Did you ever talk with him about what happened to you?

With who?

With him, about what happened to you, your experiences?

With him?


Oh yeah, I talked lots about it.

Yeah. Is he interested?

He's very interested...


...in everything. He's very interested. He asked me one time, according to mine experience, it can be, come back a time like that what in uh, Hitler's time. I said, yes. According mine experience, the way the people are, say, any country all, it can turn all the time against Jews. And here we are all, mostly come... If, if it wouldn't be Israel, we will be killing Jews again. Thanks to Israel. I talk with uh, him, not much with Benny, not much with Lev. And I talk with Esther and I talk with his older sister Eve. Oh yeah, they're very interested in, in that. Especially Ed, Ed is very interested.

Is it easier for you to talk with family about it than it is with friends or strangers?

Uh, from, I'll... No, one time when we was taping the show uh, when they was taping the show and then we went to a restaurant to eat. And then it comes that uh, talk about the past I nearly collapse.

That's okay.

Uh, it took me a while to come back. Well, you talk.

He's a, a strong supporter of Israel, I'll bet.

I don't know really. Uh, my daughter was in, I think, in Winnipeg and she met uh, what you call, from Let's Make a Deal uh, Marty, Marty Hall.

Monty Hall, yes.

Monty Hall. She met him and she start talk with him and he, he said, uh... She said to him, "I'm a cousin of Ed Asner." She told me, she's uh, like a second cousin to him. I'm the cousin. He said, "Oh yeah." They belong to the same uh, temple, I think, or something, you know. And then comes to, and he... Monty, Monty Hall is a big supporter for Israel, send up to sell Israel bonus and everything. He said, "Ed Asner is giving a little bit... has not given enough." That's, that where I... And I didn't talk to Ed about him. I don't know, it's uh, it's not for me to talk to him or some.

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