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Abraham Asner - October 10, 1982

Ed Asner

...Back Unto My Feet or something like that. We used to have uh, fifteen minutes program or half an hour program. And uh, then uh, used to have uh, some kind of, In... An Internal Light, some kind of program, Jewish programs mostly.

Sunday morning TV?


Back Unto My Feet and The Internal Light.

Yeah. And then his, he got some uh, other programs uh, very little. Used, your mo... his mother used to help him a lot from the beginning because he, he don't make a living. And then uh, one time, I met him the first time when he went, he was in the army and one time uh, he's uh, I been over, over here and I see the, I hear the phone ring. Answer the phone, said, "Abe?" I said, "Yes." "That's Ed." I said, "Ed, Ed who?" "Don't you know me? Don't you remember me?" I saw him just one time. "That's uh, Ed, your cousin." I say, "What?" "Your cousin." Said... I said to him, "Where are you?" I... he said, all, he told me all kind of story. He was in Sault Ste. Marie, he used to make a picture, they run out of money, and this and this, and this and this. I said, I said to him, "Come over." I don't have a car that time. He said uh, "I'm not by myself." I said, "Bring your friends." He said, "I don't have any friends." "Then, then who do you have?" He said, "I have a girlfriend." I say, "I don't care." "And she's not Jewish." I said, "I don't care. If it's good for you, it's good for me." Said, "This is not Jewish and I'm going to marry her. She going to be converted." He told me on the phone everything. I said, "Come over." He come over and he was staying over here with his girlfriend for four days in my place because uh, we been a couple times in the trade I think. And they had a good time. And uh, then he had dinner with you, he enjoyed himself. He enjoy very much over here in our place. And then he said to me, "When you go to Kansas City, don't mention anything." "Okay." "Because she's not Jewish, you know." And his mother still was alive. His uh, his father was dead already. When I come to Kansas City one time, I don't remember what kind of occasion was down there, some kind of, I think, a wedding, or something. Anyway, I don't remember. And uh, I didn't said nothing. Nobody said anything. Then I come the second time. His older brother, Lev, he said uh, he said to me, "Why didn't you told me you have company?" I said, "How do you know?" He said, "I find out," he said. "If you find out, I don't have to tell you anything." "That's fine." So, I finish. He don't ask me any more questions. Then was a wedding that time in Kansas City. I went to the wedding, and they get married. Ed and Nancy, his wife. They get married. And uh, she come to the wedding and she don't know nobody from down there, just she know only me. When uh, they come to the wedding she me... uh, I met her. She said, "Abe, I'm glad to... I'm so glad to see you." Because she don't know anybody from Kansas City, the only one who's... And she have that time a real good time, they have together a real good time. Always when I go to Kansas City they give me very good time. They treat me so nice. I don't know if I deserve or they... don't deserve, they treat me very nice.

Why wouldn't you deserve it?

I don't know. They, they don't need me. They really... I see like some other people uh, complaining on the relatives and this and this. They very nice to me, especially that lady's older brother. Very nice.

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