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Abraham Asner - October 10, 1982

Canada 2

Finally I answered the, the letters and I don't, and I don't get back any answers. Then when I went to Poland... And I came to Berlin, and I saw a rabbi, and I wrote a letter and I give it to that rabbi from the, from the States. I don't know from where it was. And he deliver that letter. And then I was in Vienna and I put myself in the paper in forwards. And uh, I ??? of uh, my wife. She knows me when I was a little boy. Because when they let ??? by then and she saw in the paper. Then finally we get in touch, I don't remember how. We start to write letters. And that uncle sent me affidavit. And my wife got a... They have a uncle in, in Windsor, which she wrote to him and we get a affidavit from Canada. Two affidavits. Uh, the Canadian came first. And uh, before that I registered to go to Israel. I want... I'd like to... I want to go to Israel. Or was uh, my older brother was born, he was seven, eight months old. If you remember--maybe you don't remember--before the establishment from Israel, they used to be the Briha. And they used to take unlegal aliyyah to, to Israel. And always the children they weren't allowed to go because by that time the British used to uh, catch the, the people, the Jewish people on both, doesn't matter how they got, and they sent 'em to Cyprus. There was some kind of epidemic for little children and lots of children die in Cyprus, in the camps. They, then they don't allow them to go to Israel. Then that affidavit came to Canada, I want to get rid of that uh, gypsy life that we were... I know I can make a living for myself. And I came to Canada. After, if I would wait a little bit longer, I would went uh, to United States. Not, that's the way I came to Canada, because... I forgot her name now, uh, Lena.

Her married name?

The married name. I was to the ??? Did you know your brother?

No, I only knew Lena. That was, we were in school, in sociology I think it was. It's years ago.

She, she from ???

Like I said, it was years ago.

She... [interruption in interview]

What's, what's my life?


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