Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Abraham Asner - October 10, 1982

Gunshot Wounds

Cut through the highway and we went in, in a little house, tiny little house. And then they start to work the first uh, for the wounded, me and Mansky. I was wounded in my leg. They operated on my leg. Still I got, still I got a bullet in my leg. It's already forty, thirty-nine years. And uh, and I was sitting in the front from that Mansky and he got shot over here and the bullet come out over here. And I look, and I look on his eyes, I look... He's shot over here and he's got over here black. I look closer to him, a bullet went through, right through here in this place, so close. I say, "Don't you feel nothing?" He said, "No." I said, "You got a hole in your ear." He said, "Where?" I said, "Look, right..." Finally, we wait 'til we get uh, a stop a little bit and then we start to move. And then somebody already, and the, and the, somebody told already in the uh, in the woods, somebody let them know we get something, get caught, we get ambushed, and this and this. And this was ambushed not from the Germans, from the Polish AK, because they was working against us. After, I, I, we came to, to the, back to the woods and they asked me how I feel. I said, "I'm feel all right". The bullet went in. I think she was with no power and she still, still even up 'til now. And that was uh, that operation. And uh, then I get a few days rest. And I couldn't stay no more. I, I couldn't stay in one ??? everything ??? you know. And uh, so many things to say. Everything keeps forgetting. And what else? Can we stop for a while please? [interruption in interview]

And I was naturally, I couldn't, I couldn't take it that time. Went through lots of times. Lots of things I forgot. Always when the ??? the ??? I always remind uh, give a few dollars for my friends what I been together with them. Stop for a while please. [interruption in interview]

The ??? ghetto in our house was the minyan. And the Sefer Torah was in our house. I take the Sefer Torah and I hide between... It was two ceiling, a double ceiling, and I hide 'em. And I left. I don't know. When I return after the, after the liberation, I been in the house, not in this room. And I couldn't go in because down there was uh, Russians uh, occupied. They have some officers or something.

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