Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Abraham Asner - October 10, 1982

Radun Ghetto 3

November 3, 1982 continuation of interview with Mr. and Mrs. Asner.

Naturally they been liberated. They was catching Germans that time, and then they catch lo... so many Germans not a lot. Uh, actually they was running and we was chasing them. And then uh, then came to the little town Orany after we got liberated. When he was going to Moscow, he asked, asked me to go with him to Moscow to work with him together. And I didn't have a mind to, to work with uh, Mr. ??? I have something else in my mind. You know. And then uh, he left and I start to work then for the Russians in that uh, little town Orany. Now I'll come back to the partisans. First to the ghetto. When the Germans sur... surrounded the ghetto it was uh, May nineteen... uh, '42, May the tenth. And they keep us for three days surrounded. Then they, they took from the beginning uh, some groups to dig uh, uh, holes to bury the people. Because they expect, and we expected going to be some shooting. Right from the beginning they took some uh, some groups and, and each one what it was in the first group get two losses, each one. And then, I don't know, they let 'em go or not. I could... I, no they shot a few of them. Then they come, they pick up another group. They give 'em shovels. And police was Germans uh, was guiding them to that place to dig the holes. And was a few boys what I know, one--a couple boys I been in together in cheder when uh, when we was kids--when they come close to that place they winked to each other and they pick up the shovels and start to hit the Germans. They start, they start to hit the Germans and some start to run. Some get shot, some get wounded. And one fellow was by the name uh, ??? The Obermeister was chasing him on a horse and he was shooting from a pistol on, on him when he got some rocks and they threw on him. When he out of uh, breath already, couldn't run anymore. He was a strong, very physical, strong. When, there was a, a building down there, a little house and he hide with me in the house. This, he said, I think is the end, he's coming with a horse. That, and that German, that Obermeister, get scared and he turn around with the horse and run away. After that ??? we been together during the partisans in the time, in the time. Then uh, after being the--I was telling the story. Got to remember. I have in my mind...

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