Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Abraham Asner - October 10, 1982

White Russian Underground

Then in 1943 they used to call for better contact to get with uh, Moscow. We went uh, in uh, if you read sometime you hear about Naliboki, Nalibotskya woods. Down there was the center from the White Russian Underground. We went down there to establish a be... a better contract uh, contact with them. Was a group of ten people, was uh, I was going my... myself in that group. And uh, was ten people, eight Jewish and two non-Jewish. The leader was a non-Jewish and another one. And then we'd been down there and one, one time where we been in, in Natsher... [interruption in interview]

They called themself uh, from Moscow, a, a group. And they was, was good equipped with uh, automatic weapon, with everything. And they used to come in, in some villages that we never go in. By surprise they go in down there and they succeeded. And then we meet them and that ??? leader one of them. When he did something wrong, that leader, he get drunk, someday he did something wrong, he was a Jewish leader down there. And he give a few boys the command to, to shoot him, they shoot him. And they shoot him. On the way back--by that time we was going from that Nalibotskya to, back to the Third Reich. That time was open something they uh, according to politicians, they, they used to be General ??? by that time in England, he was killed that time on the Polish Underground. From the beginning he was sympathizing with us. Then they went against us, against the, the Russian partisans. The, the Po... the Polish Underground. And we come in, in one village, was twenty-one killed, Russian partisans. Who killed 'em, we don't know exactly by that time, we don't know. Some kind of mix up.

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