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Abraham Asner - October 10, 1982


Interview with Abraham Asner, Windsor, Ontario, Canada. October 10, 1982. Interviewer is Sherry Weisberg.

Would you please state your name.

Abe Asner, Abraham Asner. And uh, I'm born in 1916 in little town of Nacha. I was uh, eight when my father died. Can stop for a minute? [interruption in interview]

Okay, there'd been six boys and on... only one girl uh, six brothers and a sister, and my mother. In 1938, I went to the army, the Polish army. Before uh, I supposed to discharge, the war broke out. Nineteen thirty-nine. And my four brothers were in the war too. I come home first, the first one from the brothers at home, the little town of Nacha. And I find my mother at home. If I don't find my mother at home, if I met her on the street, I didn't recognize her. Anyway, then the Russians come in and uh, they make--af... Yeah, the, the Russians went in, then my brothers start to come. My mother asked me, "Where's... You saw my brothers" I said, "No, I... They're coming home?" I said, "I think so, they'll come." A few days later one brother come, and then next uh, a few days another one. Anyway, they come all in a short time, back together, the family. In 1941 uh, I had a cousin in Lithuania and the name Alovė, a little town. I went to visit him.

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