Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Eugene Arden - February 21, 1984

Thoughts on Germans

But uh, I'm glad for example, that East and West Germany are divided. But I hear any movement for, you know what I'm tal...that makes me angry again. I don't want them to get together. You can't trust the bastards when they get together uh, you know, uh, uh. So, it re...it, I think really it'll have to be, it'll have to be our kids or my kids--you're younger than I am--my kids before, before I think uh, it can, it can be put to rest. But be put to rest doesn't mean to be forgotten, which is why I'm, I'm in such awe of what you and the people that are involved in this project are doing. I'm actually in awe that you find the time and, and--from I don't know what, how many dozens or hundreds of people that you record this and, and you, you know, you make it part of a, a of a reality that, that can't be--you know, I think we spoke about him briefly last time, the, the fellow that was at the University of Chicago and Northwestern University that now says, this all never really happened. It's all a figment, a kind of a mass hysteria or a, a, a plot or something like that, uh. If, I think probably if it were not for projects like this to add to what's already on the record, to enlarge the record, to reinforce the record, eventually uh, the uh, the kind of people that really want to--that would prefer to believe that this stuff never really happened or it was all vastly exaggerated, you know. Um, give 'em a generation or so, they'll have their way. They would have their way. Except for, I think, efforts of this kind. So it's uh, you know, you mentioned out of the blue before uh, someone from, from Flint, Michigan. I mean, for crying out loud, from Flint, Michigan--this is like Oshkosh, Illinois or--hears about this and says, "Hey, I got maybe, maybe everything I'll say you've heard before, but I got--I bet you I got one paragraph that you haven't heard before and I want to add it to the record." My God, that's, that's breathtaking, you know. So uh, keep recording.

Ok. Thanks Gene.

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