Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Olga Adler - July 26, 1982

Plans for Future

Okay. And uh, do you... What were your plans for your future before the war? I know you were just a child. Did you have any thoughts what you were going to do...

What's that?

before the war?

The same thing my sister went up to, transfer to the university. My brother started, as I say, law but he couldn't finish it because already it was problems so he was uh, working in a Bank of Daniel they called it. So it was, in Europe it was different uh, working in a bank than this here.

It was better?

It was very highly...


you know...


so. And uh, naturally I would have gone to school.

And did you have any specific goals?

No, who has... Sixteen years old you don't.


I had, I had problems to go to the beach and go to the pool...


and have young man going around.


I didn't think of serious. I was younger anyways at home.

Yeah. You were the youngest one, yeah.

I was the youngest one, so.

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