Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Marton Adler - July 13, 1989


Who were the victims of the Holocaust? In our daily prayers, we describe how the Angels in Heaven serve and praise God. The victims of murder at the hands of the Nazis became Angels. They are lovely, they are all heroes, they were picked specially, they are holy and they all open their mouths to intercede for us and all humanity in holiness and purity with song and melody. They bless, praise and enhance, as with holy energy they are governed by the Almighty! This interview was done in July of 1989 by Professor Sidney Bolkosky of the University of Michigan. The contents are not only the years 1944-45 and the time spent in camps but actually my whole life. This interview was also videotaped. Since 1989, I am six years older, I had open heart surgery with five bypasses and my granddaughter is now six years old. My life was not easy but at the same time, I am very content and happy. At 66, I am still here, still able to get up in the morning and function. To be philosophical, if there is a God, and souls, perhaps when my time is up, I will meet my parents, siblings, relatives, friends, schoolmates, teachers. The way I see it, the soul is indestructible and only the body gets worn out. I want to thank Dr. Bolkosky for doing this interview with me and I want to say that I am grateful for my family and may God bless all humanity.

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