Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Tola Gilbert - July 25, 1983


Tola Gilbert was born in Sosnowiec, Poland. After the Germans invaded the city, Tola and her family were put into the Sosnowiec ghetto. From there, she and her sisters were sent to Olber Alstadt and Parschnitz to do forced labor. When the Russians liberated the camp, Tola was moved to a displaced persons camp before finally moving to the United States where she met her future husband.

  1. Introduction
  2. Life Under Germans
  3. Being Taken for Forced Labor
  4. Life in a Concentration Camp
  5. Life in Concentration Camp II
  6. Receiving News of the War
  7. Fate of Family
  8. Jewish Life in Sosnowiec
  9. Education and Religion
  10. Start of War
  11. Life in Sosnowiec During the War
  12. Helping Others
  13. Resistance
  14. Moses Merin
  15. Sosnowiec Ghetto
  16. Being Separated from Family
  17. Ober Alstadt
  18. Living Conditions in Camp
  19. Living Conditions in Camp II
  20. Dealing with the SS
  21. Liberation
  22. Liberation II
  23. Dealing with the Russians
  24. Life After Liberation
  25. Moving to the United States
  26. Conclusion

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