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Noemi Engel Ebenstein - July 22, 1996


Noemi Engel Ebenstein, born in 1941, is a child survivor of the Holocaust. In her interview she retells stories told to her by her mother about how the family survived the Holocaust. Her father was sent to a forced labor camp when Noemi was a baby. In May 1944, Noemi, her brother and mother were deported from Subotica, Yugoslavia to the camps, first to Strasshof labor and then to Moosbierbaum where they were liberated by the Soviet army.

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  1. Introduction
  2. Mother
  3. Family
  4. Mother's Separation from Father
  5. Return of Father
  6. Conscription of Father
  7. Extended Family
  8. Return to Budapest
  9. Arrival of Germans
  10. Deportation to Strasshof
  11. Conditions in Strasshof
  12. Delayed by Kastner Negotiation
  13. Moosebierbaum
  14. Choiceless Choices
  15. Reminders
  16. Reaction to Schindler's List
  17. Deutsch Wagram
  18. Songs in the Camps
  19. Liberation
  20. The Stern Family
  21. Reunited with Father
  22. Separation Anxiety
  23. Arrest of Father
  24. Subotica
  25. Becoming an Israeli
  26. Israel and the Holocaust
  27. Father's Cigarette Case
  28. Reaction to the Eichmann Trial
  29. Talking about Experiences
  30. Legacy of the Holocaust

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